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Who are PTFA and what are our aims and achievements?

We are an entirely voluntary organisation, meeting 3 times a year, and our aim is to raise money which is then redistributed throughout the school in various ways.  We raise money in a variety of ways including sponsored events, raffles and the ever popular, school discos.

Here are some examples of practical and exciting items purchased for the pupils over the past 6 years:

Early Years pathway

Classroom libraries

Playground equipment

Worship table cloth

Reception book bags


Year 6 leaver's presents

Netball polo shirts

Sports medals

Nativity costumes

Playground signs


Speed Stacking Sets

Vegetable Planters

History Artefacts

ICT equipment


Our committee is made up of parents and friends of the school.  New members are always welcome, and we are constantly looking for fresh ideas to raise money for the pupils.  We need more parents to help out and be part of the PTFA so please let us know if you can possibly give up a little of your time. 


If you are interested in helping out in any way at all please get in touch with us via the school office or Mrs Sejfullahu.


PTFA Committee Members

Chair: Steve Brooks

Vice Chair: Nina Innes

Treasurer: Lucy Canham

Secretary: Helen Greet

Church Representative: Robin Hergest

Caroline Leggatt

Claire Soutter

Nicky Butcher

What are we currently raising funds for?


Everything the PTFA organises over the coming school year will go towards playground development.  The school wish to incorporate a ball court as part of the playground but it doesn't come cheap!  All children will benefit from this exciting project and the more people that help and play their part in the PTFA will be helping to raise even more money! 

The PTFA have agreed to contribute £3000 towards a school sound and lighting system! Many parents commented positively on the system used at the Christmas Nativity plays and the school would like to invest in one of their own in order to enhance future performances.  The PTFA have worked very hard to raise funds for this and we would like to thank everyone that has contributed to our events.  Without your support we could not continue to make a difference to the experiences our children have at school.smiley





It's easy to help the PTFA raise funds for the school!

Facebook page!

The PTFA have a Facebook page so it is now even easier to keep in touch with what is happening!

Search for "Stone St Mary's School PTFA."  Check in regularly to find out what is going on or to get in touch about supporting us/becoming a member.