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Sports Premium

How we use the ‘Sports Premium’ at Stone St Mary’s Church of England Primary School




With the government having spent approximately £10 billion on the 2012 Olympic Games, it was only right that the Games would not only boost the economy, but also start future athletes on the road to success and glory.  Nationally, the government have ring-fenced £65 million of the money for the programme.  They have decided to promote competitive sports and improve the delivery of PE and sport in schools over two years.  The money allocated for our school is £8000 for each year plus £5 per pupil. 


Every child of primary age should be able to swim 25 metres unaided to make sure that they are ‘secondary ready’ as they move towards secondary school.  Some of this money is spent on helping us provide effective swimming provision to every child as they move through the school.  Other ways in which we will use the sports premium include:


  • Inter house sports competitions held in Key Stage 2 in order to improve the competitive nature of sport at our school.  Fair play is always strongly promoted too.
  • We battle obesity in all year groups; this is an area that is being addressed at our school.
  • Joe Reed (Sports Coach) and Target Sports Academy working closely, using a team teaching approach, with all year groups in order to ensure that a challenging and varied PE curriculum is being delivered.
  • Target Sports Academy taking the lead during INSET days in order that all staff are trained with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding in PE and Sport.
  • More emphasis being placed on preparing for competitions such as the ‘Kwik Cricket’ and ‘Racing Rounders’ tournaments  Children receive additional coaching in preparation for the Dartford District Athletics meeting that is held annually in July.
  • Sports equipment being continuosly updated and improved.
  • We will be making our ‘Sports Day’ more competitive and more inclusive.
  • Tools and analysis that will help us close the gap between all vulnerable groups in the field of PE and School Sport.



Sports Funding 2015/2016



Income £8000 plus £5 for every child


Income received



 Proposed Expenditure





Sports Coaches leading learning/after school


District Sports Preparation

£ 300. 00

Year 6 Swimming


Resources  & Other Workshops