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Stone St Mary's CE Primary School

Treat Others as you wish to be treated - Luke 6:31

Caring Growing Shining Together

Aletheia Anglican Academies Trust

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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team


Headteacher Mrs Rolfe
Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Sejfullahu

Assistant Headteacher Mrs Simcock
EYFS Leader Mr Webb

KS1 Leader

Lower KS2 Leader

Miss Wibberley

Mrs Fenge

Upper KS2 Leader Miss Bull
School Business Manager Mrs Collins

Teaching Staff


Foundation Stage R Kipper Mrs Prince
  R Gruffalo Mr Webb - EYFS Leader
  R Elmer Mrs Sesay
Key Stage 1 1 Bumble Bees Mrs McArdle
  1 Ladybirds Miss Allen
  1 Dragonflies Miss Weller - Year Group Leader
  2 Beetles Miss Wibberley - KS1 Leader
  2 Crickets Miss Groves
  2 Grasshoppers Mrs Spackman
Key Stage 2 3 Foxes

Mrs Bowers

  3 Otters

Mrs Fenge - Year Group Leader

  3 Meerkats Ms Avent
  4 Sharks Mrs Grimwood - Year Group Leader
  4 Dolphins

Mrs Adedoyin

  4 Turtles Mrs Sands
  5 Tigers Miss Bull - Year Group Leader
  5 Jaguars

Miss Sharp

  5 Lions Miss Hunt
  6 Swifts Mrs Cook / Mrs Goodwin
  6 Falcons Mrs Abel
Inclusion Manager     Mrs Simcock



Non-teaching Staff


Family Liaison Officer   Mrs Rodriguez  
Admin Assistants   Mrs Powell & Mrs Clarke  
Finance Assistant   Mrs Canham  
Site Officer   Mr Vaughan  
Assistant Site Officer   Mr Barnes  

Mrs Marsh

    Miss Munro  
Teaching Assistants  

Mrs Colman
Ms Maston
Mrs Byhurst
Mrs Ryder
Mrs Rayment
Mrs Kimber
Miss Davis

Mrs Francis

Mrs Forbes

Miss Rance

Mrs Marques

Mrs Willcox

Mrs Christie

Mrs Oborne

Mrs Pryor

Mrs Collard

Mrs Horsefield

Miss Buckey

Mrs Ewart

Mrs Hateley

Mrs Shaw

Mrs Butcher

Miss Kaur

Midday Supervisors  

Mrs Ludlow
Ms Wells

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Rajasuresh

Mrs Humm

Miss Belfield

Mrs Thajeeban

Mr Stringer

Mrs Oborne (TA)

Mrs Hateley (TA)

Mrs Butcher (TA)

Mrs Pryor (TA)

Mrs Ewart (TA)

Mrs Horsefield (TA)

Mrs Shaw (TA)

Mrs Collard (TA)

Miss Buckey (TA)

Mrs Christie (TA)

Miss Munro (HLTA)



Breakfast Club Assistants  

Mrs Marsh

Mrs Ludlow

Miss Wells

Miss Beaseley

Mrs Taylor