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Stone St Mary's CE Primary School

Treat Others as you wish to be treated - Luke 6:31

Caring Growing Shining Together

Aletheia Anglican Academies Trust

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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team


Headteacher Mrs J Rolfe
Deputy Headteacher

Mrs J Sejfullahu

Assistant Headteacher Mrs G Simcock
EYFS Leader Mr H Webb

KS1 Leader

Lower KS2 Leader

Miss N Wibberley

Mrs D Fenge

Upper KS2 Leader Miss C Bull
School Business Manager Mrs T Collins

Teaching Staff


Foundation Stage R Kipper Mrs L Prince
  R Gruffalo Mr H Webb - EYFS Leader
  R Elmer Mrs Z Sesay
Key Stage 1 1 Bumble Bees Mrs J McArdle
  1 Ladybirds Miss N Allen
  1 Dragonflies Miss J Weller - Year Group Leader
  2 Beetles Miss N Wibberley - KS1 Leader
  2 Crickets Miss E Groves
  2 Grasshoppers Mrs E Spackman
Key Stage 2 3 Foxes

Mrs D Bowers

  3 Otters

Mrs D Fenge - Year Group Leader

  3 Meerkats Ms T Avent
  4 Sharks Mrs T Grimwood - Year Group Leader
  4 Dolphins

Mrs A Adedoyin

  4 Turtles Mrs N Sands
  5 Tigers Miss C Bull - Year Group Leader
  5 Jaguars

Miss O Sharp

  5 Lions Miss L Hunt
  6 Swifts Mrs L Cook / Mrs L Goodwin
  6 Falcons Mrs J Abel
Inclusion Manager     Mrs G Simcock



Non-teaching Staff


Family Liaison Officer   Mrs K Rodriguez  
Admin Assistants   Mrs C Powell & Mrs S Clarke  
Finance Assistant   Mrs L Canham  
Site Officer   Mr G Vaughan  
Assistant Site Officer   Mr P Sayers  

Mrs P Marsh

    Miss J Munro  
Teaching Assistants  

Mrs M Colman
Ms R Maston
Mrs E Byhurst
Mrs S Ryder
Mrs A Rayment
Mrs D Kimber
Miss L Davis

Mrs A Francis

Mrs G Forbes

Miss K Rance

Mrs I Marques

Mrs C Willcox

Mrs P Christie

Mrs D Pryor

Mrs L Collard

Mrs G Horsefield

Miss C Buckey

Mrs N Ewart

Mrs D Hateley

Mrs M Shaw

Mrs N Butcher

Miss C Kaur

Midday Supervisors  

Mrs L Ludlow
Ms P Wells

Mrs S Taylor

Mrs K Rajasuresh

Miss T Brown

Miss K Belfield

Mrs N Thajeeban

Mr J Stringer

Mrs D Hateley (TA)

Mrs N Butcher (TA)

Mrs D Pryor (TA)

Mrs N Ewart (TA)

Mrs G Horsefield (TA)

Mrs M Shaw (TA)

Mrs L Collard (TA)

Miss C Buckey (TA)

Mrs P Christie (TA)

Miss J Munro (HLTA)



Breakfast Club Assistants  

Mrs P Marsh

Mrs L Ludlow

Miss P Wells

Miss L Beaseley

Mrs S Taylor