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Aletheia Academies Trust Sports Day 2022

Year 4 Celebrated the Hindu Festival of Holi

Maths Week- 2nd-6th May 2022

During Maths Week, the whole school got involved!  The focus was  on Problem Solving, Puzzles and Logic. Each class even had a problem Solving Workshop!


For Friday after school, all pupils also created something to sell.

Ladybird's Rainforest Assembly- 9th March 2022

YEAR 2 Pirate Christmas Lunch - March 2021

YEAR 4 1960's WOW Day - March 2021

Take One Democracy Week - Our Visit From Gareth Johnson

The week beginning the 4th November 2019 Year 1 joined the rest of the school in 'Take One Democracy Week'. We began our week by learning "What is Parliament?". We looked at the building, the structure of the government and about democracy. We used our Art skills to sketch the Houses Of Parliament building - including Big Ben!


Next we had a class debate ,just like they do in the House of Commons. We learnt all about the Houses and spoke about how laws were passed. For our task the children were split into two sides who debated the question "should children go to school?". We even had a speaker to keep order with our lively debates.


Taking our learning to the next step we went on to learn about the British political parties and some of their leaders. We decided that we would make up our own parties and had to have a key message. There were some very interesting ones, such as: The Pizza Party, The Princess Party, The Ninja Party, The Animal Party and many more. There were some very interesting policies to go with these wonderful designs - such as free Pizza every day! The children had such fun designing the rosette for their party that we decided to make them.


Finally, we knew we were having a visit from Dartford's Member of Parliament - Mr Gareth Johnson. The children were very excited and wrote down some wonderful questions to ask him. These ranged from the topical: "What is the best thing you have done for Dartford?" to the intriguing "What is your favourite thing from Asda?".


Year One really enjoyed this week and we hope they have been telling you all about it! They may even be able to help you choose who to vote for in December!  

On Tuesday 17th September Year one were treated to the Fire and Rescue talk from the Kent Fire Department. The children were informed what to do if there is a fire, if their clothes catch fire and how to test the smoke alarm. Some lucky children even got to try on some of the firefighter's clothing. They were particularly good at remembering to … "STOP! DROP! and ROLL!"


REMEMBRANCE WORSHIP 2019 - a great thoughtful worship presented by our Year 6 children where the singing of several songs was emotional and uplifting at the same time! Well done for their mature reflective attitudes!

School Confirmation with Bishop - June 2019

Science Week June 2019

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