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Welcome to the Maths page!smiley


We have chosen our new Maths Ambassadors for the 2022-2023 academic year! We will post a photo soon!

Maths week 6-10.02.23

Y3 & 4 Maths Learning

3D Shapes

AIM High Maths day 5.10.22

TTRS update coming soon!!

Maths action plan 22-23

Termy coverage & progression documents (National Curriculum statements) from year 1 - 6

Useful websites document

Maths strategies Parent Workshop 29.11.22

Please see below for pictures of our amazing Maths learning from last year!


For Maths Weeks, year R-5 created something in class to sell. They learnt about profiting, budgeting and then sold their creations on Friday afternoon. Here is what they made:

YR - Flapjacks

Y1 - Animal shortbread

Y2 -  Dreamcatchers

Y3 - Roman Mosaic bookmarks

Y4 - Greek biscuits

Y5 - Slime


The year groups will get the opportunity to decide what they spend their earnings on. Here is how much each year group made:














Well done everybody!

Year 2 - Time

Maths Easter Art competition 31.03.22

World Number Day 23.03.2022

Maths learning term 4

Number day! 4.02.22

Maths leaders planning term 3 Scavenger hunt

Able Maths day @ Horton Kirby 2/2/22

Magnificent Maths learning 2021-2022


At Stone St Mary’s C.E. Primary School we teach maths to ensure there is full National Curriculum coverage where children are given opportunities to develop their reasoning, problem solving and fluency skills. The maths curriculum ensures progress by planning for effective questioning, differentiation, challenge and independent learning. Daily plans show assessment for learning opportunities which then feed into the next day’s lesson to ensure appropriate challenge and tasks are carefully planned for to allow progression in all mathematical areas, this also always adults to tackle misconceptions through ‘misconception surgery’ before the next day’s maths lesson which means that children who do not fully grasps mathematical concepts do not fall behind in their learning.


In EYFS children will explore the composition of numbers to 10, learn to subitise and build a firm understanding of number bonds to 5 and some to ten. Through real life Maths and exploration, the children will deepen their understanding of number. In Years 1 and 2 children will be given a really solid foundation in the basic building blocks of mental and written arithmetic. Through being taught place value, children will develop an understanding of how numbers work, so that they are confident with 2-digit numbers and beginning to read and say numbers above 100. In Lower Key Stage 2, children build on the concrete and conceptual understandings they have gained in Key Stage 1 to develop a real mathematical understanding of the four operations, in particular developing arithmetical competence in relation to larger numbers. This knowledge and understanding is then built on in Upper Key Stage 2 when children move on from dealing mainly with whole numbers to performing arithmetic operations with both decimals and fractions.


We teach maths for life, as part of cultural heritage and to begin to prepare children for life beyond school by considering the role of mathematics in their daily lives. Through developing maths skills children become better at thinking logically and analytically. Through solving problems children develop resilience and are able to think creatively and strategically. The skills we teach in maths will enable children to shine in other areas of the curriculum such as computing, geography and science. Our vision and values within this school link well to our overall teaching of maths, ensuring resourcefulness, reflectiveness, resilience and reciprocity in a safe and nurturing environment where children are able to grow in their knowledge and skills. We want children to be able to leave primary school with the key skills, knowledge and understanding to be successful global citizens.


Useful websites to play mathematical games:

EYFS (Age group Early Years)


Key Stage 1 (online maths homework is set on here at the end of every week)


Key Stage 2 (online maths homework is set on here at the end of every week)

Maths workshop May 2022

Throwback to 2021 & before Maths photos... Enjoy! :)

Number Day 2021

Year R

Year 4

Have a look at our amazing Maths learning that we have completed whilst learning at home. 

Term 3 Maths learning pictures

Estimation & maths

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Term 3 Maths learning pictures

NSPCC Number Day Fundraising Event

Year R Maths in Action

Year 1 Maths in Action

Year 2 Maths in Action

Year 3 Maths in Action

Year 4 Maths in Action

Year 5 Maths in Action

Year 5 Maths in Action

Year 6 Maths in Action