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Primary Languages

     Bonjour, guten tag, hola, ciao!!

Learning foreign languages provides children with an opening to other cultures and the opportunity to widen their vocabulary. Primary Languages are beneficial to your children's future as it can equip them to study and work in other countries.

Here at Stone St. Mary’s we have a plethora of languages that our children use in their everyday life at home, that is why it is paramount that children are given the opportunity to learn but to also impart their knowledge onto others.

We believe that Primary Languages learning embodies our core Christian values of respect as children learn to appreciate other cultures but also our Christian value of community as children become more aware of other communities and learn from them.

To become a global citizen, children should appreciate the differences that are present in our diverse country and we believe that Primary Languages will contribute to their preparation for this.

Primary languages Action plan 2022-23

Language of the week!

This year (from term 2) we have started to learn basic phrases in a range of different languages. The whole school will focus on a different language each week with the aim that children will have learnt 30+ ways of saying 'Hello' (and more words) in a range of languages.

If one of the languages of the week is one that is spoken by a child in our class, they will get their chance to shine!

Can you spot any languages that you can speak in our list?


Kurdish (year 3) - wk beginning 18.05.2020

Arabic - wk beginning 11.05.2020

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Finnish - Wk beginning 27.04.2020

Gujarati - Wk beginning 20.04.2020

Timetable for Language of the week

Here is a fantastic resource that we are using to help us when learning our language of the week...


Feel free to practise at home!

French WOW morning in Year 3!

Year 3 had an enjoyable time tasting different French food such as:

brie, pâté , baguette, crepes and pain au chocolat. They also enjoyed participating in different French activities such as singing songs, French colouring and word searches and learnt about the country France too!!