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Treat Others as you wish to be treated - Luke 6:31

Caring Growing Shining Together

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Year R - New Starters 2020

Miss Petrucci Reading 'Oomph'

Gruffalo Class and Mrs Stone Reading 'The Gruffalo's Child'

Elmer Class & Miss Russel Reading 'New Friend'

Mrs Prince Reading 'Kipper' Story

Miss Wibberley Reading 'The Gruffalo'

Miss Rance Reading 'I Need a New Bum' Part 2

Miss Rance Reading 'I Need a New Bum' Part 1

3 Mrs Stone 'One Armed Robots' handwriting formation

2 Miss Russel 'Ladder Letters' handwriting formation

4 Miss Wibberley 'Zig Zag Monsters' handwriting formation

1 Mrs Prince 'Curly Caterpillar' handwriting formation

Kipper Class Own Learning Inside

Gruffalo Class Own Learning Outside

Current Gruffalo Dancing

Mrs Stone Skills Maths Game

Miss Wibberley Number Recognition Game