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At Stone Saint Mary’s we believe that every child will become enthusiastic and creative writers. Through exciting and inspiring activities, that support and challenge our learners, they will develop a genuine love of writing. They will engage with quality texts to inspire their own writing. They will enjoy stimulating speaking and listening sessions. They will explore and develop a passion for vocabulary. All of this combined, and with inspiration from our ‘Talk for Writing’, ensures that our children are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed and become lifelong writers. Our children will eagerly want to put pen to paper; writing for a range of purposes to express themselves and communicate with others. During their time here, they will develop a strong understanding that writing has a real purpose that can bring about change!


Reading is one of the most important life skills.  It promotes achievement and ensures access to the breadth of the curriculum.  Readers extend their concepts and find information, helping them to learn more.  Developing a varied diet of reading, improves focus, concentration and memory.  When reading, we can become immersed in stories, visualising imagery, opening our minds and opening doors to new and exciting worlds.  Books can take us to new places, describing events and people from the past.  Reading expands vocabulary and language usage.  New words help us to better understand the root of similar words.  It allows us to subconsciously absorb information on sentence and language features therefore improving writing skills.