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At Stone Saint Mary’s we believe that every child will become enthusiastic and creative writers. Through exciting and inspiring activities, that support and challenge our learners, they will develop a genuine love of writing. They will engage with quality texts to inspire their own writing. They will enjoy stimulating speaking and listening sessions. They will explore and develop a passion for vocabulary. All of this combined, and with inspiration from our ‘Talk for Writing’, ensures that our children are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed and become lifelong writers. Our children will eagerly want to put pen to paper; writing for a range of purposes to express themselves and communicate with others. During their time here, they will develop a strong understanding that writing has a real purpose that can bring about change!

Action Plan for Writing 2019-2020

We have agreed a set of writing expectations for each year group. These were created to help our children know which features they should use in all writing. 


You may find these useful when supporting your child with their writing at home. Can they include each of these key features? 

Progression in Writing Workshop for Year R, 1 & 2

Writing in Year R

Writing in Year 1

Writing in Year 2


Reading is one of the most important life skills.  It promotes achievement and ensures access to the breadth of the curriculum.  We teach our pupils to extend their concepts and find information, helping them to learn more when reading. We aim to develop a varied diet of reading, improving focus, concentration and memory.  When reading, we  become immersed in stories, visualising imagery, opening our minds and opening doors to new and exciting worlds.  Books can take us to new places, describing events and people from the past.  This year we have focused upon expanding our vocabulary and language usage. We have investigated new words and the roots of similar words.  This allows us to subconsciously absorb information on sentence and language features therefore improving our writing skills.

Action Plan for Reading 2019-2020

The Stone Reading Toolkit

We have created the Stone Reading Toolkit so that children can focus upon specific reading skills.  This helps when reading to adults both individually and during guided reading sessions.

Parents and carers will find the questions and sentence stems useful when discussing and questioning children about their reading.

Reading for pleasure

At Stone St Mary's we celebrate reading each term by holding a 'Reading Cinema'. Three children from each class are invited to attend. They spend an afternoon enjoying a film with snacks provided as a reward for 'shining' in reading.

Our librarians work hard to tidy and organise the library.  They arrange termly competitions with prizes for each key stage. We also organise trips to Waterstone's book shop at Bluewater and children are able to spend time browsing the new books...and purchasing if they wish.

To encourage children to appreciate the arts and visual literacy we have organised trips to our local theatre to see productions linked to well known texts.  We are looking forward to seeing the ballet 'Sleeping Beauty' in February 2020.

During book week we celebrate reading with author visits, workshops, competitions, dressing up on World Book Day and many other reading events.  Next year the theme will be 'The Classics'. Watch this space for more news soon.

In November our book fair was a fantastic success and enabled us to order over £300.00 of free books from commission. Thank you to everyone who supported by purchasing books.

This year each year group have designed their own 'book nooks' and children are now choosing to sit and browse a range of books around the school.  It is wonderful to see them enjoying reading so much.


Our Reading Environment

Speaking and Listening

Spoken language is the key to life.

It is the key to everything when it comes to learning

from literacy to emotional and social development as well as future life chances. Here at Stone St Mary’s children will have many opportunities to become confident speakers and listeners. We provide a creative and engaging curriculum designed to inspire and enthuse our learners. We teach spoken language through drama activities. Here at Stone, children are taught to script and perform plays/stories using language and actions to express and convey situations, characters and emotions. Children are taught to be competent listeners through drama and are able to respond to their own and others’ performances, commenting constructively on dramatic effects, characterisation and overall impact.   

Speaking and listening through drama activities