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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6's page! We can't wait to share our learning with you! 


If anyone needs to contact us, please get in touch: 


Mrs Goodwin - Eagles - 

Miss Sharp - Falcons -

Miss Butler - Swifts - 


Mrs Horton - covers in all three classes. 


Mrs Wibberley, Mrs Pryor and Mrs Rayment all support in Year 6. 



Your homework tasks for each term are uploaded on to Google Classroom. Once you have completed a task, either upload your task on to the stream to share with your peers or submit to your class teacher. 


Don't forget to be reading at home! 

Useful Websites/Information 


Here is a list of websites to help you with your home learning. Lots of these sites also have fun activities or information to help keep your brains active! 

Happy searching! smiley

Term One - Community Task

During our WOW day this term, we certainly needed to trust our teachers! Over the course of the day, we learnt basic first aid skills such as how to bandage a broken arm or a head injury as well as the recovery position! 🆘⛑

We took part in I'm A Year 6 Pupil, Get Me Out of Here! This is most definitely where trust was needed. Whilst some of us took part in the trial, we got to put a genius, evil ideas into a plan for pay back to our Year 6 team (watch this space). During the trial, we were blind folded and had to put our hands into bowls/boxes of unknown materials! 🕷🐍

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed making camp doughnuts - especially the sugar! 😋

They definitely were a hit with us all! Fingers crossed we get to make them again. 

In the afternoon, we had to put our map reading skills and collaboration skills to the test in the form of orienteering! We all enjoyed the freedom of running around the school and looking for the control panels! 

It's safe to say that we all thoroughly enjoyed the day and many of us could be heard saying that this was the best WOW day ever! 

Term 2 - Science - Electricity

This term, we have been learning about electricity. We have learnt the difference between series and parallel circuits as well as what other components can be added to the circuit. 

As part of our Gymnastics this term, we were able to use the equipment that we see in the hall every day! It's safe to say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed using the bars, ropes, trapeziums and spring board! 

As part of the Christmas Church Service, year six created artwork to tell the story of the Nativity. 

Lots of perseverance and distilling was needed when creating our artwork. 


Christmas 2022

Holocaust Memorial Service at Rochester Cathedral

A few of our year sixes had the opportunity to represent Stone at Rochester Cathedral at a Holocaust Memorial Service. 

All of year six learnt about the suffering and harsh conditions that Jews had to endure, some of them were truly shocked as to what happened. We discussed why it is important to learn about what happened and why we should remember the horrible event. 

In Kagan tables, children wrote poems about the cruel events that took place. 

This term in Art, we have looked at the 19th-Century designer William Morris. 

Thursday, saw our year sixes take part in an Art WOW day. 🎨

After exploring the work of William Morris, they had the chance to create their own design to print on to a tote bag. They certainly needed to show perseverance throughout the day as well as noticing where their fingers were!!! Keep your eyes peeled for some William Morris inspired tote bags on your way to and from school. 😁

Year Six travelled back in time on Friday to the Victorian era. 

They learnt the strict conditions of a Victorian school day as well as children must be seen and not heard. 

They were able to experience sketching of the monarch to using inkwells and copperplates to drills and deportment. 

The day was certainly packed full of elements a child in the Victorian era would have endured - including fingernail inspections. 


Rock Star Day! 🤘👩‍🎤👨‍🎤

Ash Wednesday ✝

World Book Day 📚

Term 4 PE - Tennis

As our final lesson, we played with a partner from our house in a doubles match. Lots of us showed our competitive sides during this lesson! 

At the beginning of a week, we used toothpaste on boiled eggs to investigate the impact of drinks on our teeth. We looked at orange squash, Coke, water, vinegar and in Falcons we coated one side of each egg in toothpaste to see if this would have an impact. 

By the end of the week, some of the eggs were rather questionable! The smell was another matter!!! 

Overall, we discovered that water is the best beverage in comparison to orange squash if it is not diluted. 

During our Evacuee WOW day, we were put into families with traditional WW2 names. We made potato scones with our family and then took part in an air raid as well as learning about Morse code and first aid!