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Here at Stone St Mary's we pride ourselves on being a singing school.  We believe that the inclusion of music and singing in lessons improves a child's well being.  The children have the opportunity to access a broad curriculum in music, including singing as a group, learning to sing in a chosen style and key, playing a variety of musical instruments and listening to and appraising different styles and genres of music.  In year 4, the children have the chance to learn to play the ukulele alongside an outside professional teacher.  In year 5 the children take part in a choral project where they get the chance to perform at different venues on a stage.   The children all enjoy accessing music across the curriculum and find it helps them to  broaden their understanding of other subjects. 

Music action plan 2022-2023

Composer of the term

Every term we have a composer of the term.  We look at the composer's life, what contributions they have made to music and we look at the genre of music that they play.

These are our composers of the term so far....


Term 1:

Whitney Houston.

Whitey is a prolific artist who has inspired a generation with her music.  The children will learn about her style of music and the challenges that she faced to become the artist we all know and love.


Term 2:

Michael Buble.

Michael Buble is a Canadian singer, known for singing swing music.  This term, the children will learn about swing music and what types of instruments are used.  They will also learn about Michael's life and what lead him to get into swing music.


Please look back at this page to see what other composers of the term we will choose.

Rock Steady

We have been very lucky to have had a company called rock steady in to work with some of our children.  They are developing their musicianship and learning how to work as a group to form a band.  They are thoroughly enjoying it and are enjoying trying out lots of instruments.  Take a look at some of our photos...

Flute and clarinet lessons

At Stone St Mary's we are able to offer children the chance to learn how to play the clarinet and flute.  Miss Jarvis comes in to teach the children who would like to learn to pay these instruments.

If you are interested, then please speak to Mrs Milne for details.