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Here at Stone St Mary's we pride ourselves on being a singing school.  We believe that the inclusion of music and singing in lessons improves a child's well being.  The children have the opportunity to access a broad curriculum in music, including singing as a group, learning to sing in a chosen style and key, playing a variety of musical instruments and listening to and appraising different styles and genres of music.  In year 4, the children have the chance to learn to play the ukulele alongside an outside professional teacher.  The school is well equipped with a variety of musical instruments, with recently adding to that a set of African drums.   The children all enjoy accessing music across the curriculum and find it helps them to  broaden their understanding of other subjects. 

Music action plan 2022-2023

Useful websites:

The children love to use a YouTube page to help them in their music lessons.  Through these videos children learn things such as body percussion, rhythm, beat and pitch.

Why not have a look and try some at home?


There are lots of resources to look at on purple mash.  Children enjoy being able to compose their own music using various instruments.