Saying Goodbye to our Stone St. Mary’s Year 6’s

Saying Goodbye to our Stone St. Mary’s Year 6’s

The Aletheia Academies Trust Leavers Service is an annual event for year 6 pupils from each school to come together to celebrate each student’s journey and successes before transitioning to secondary school.

On Tuesday 5th July 2022, nine of the Trust schools visited Rochester Cathedral to take part in the Trust Schools Leavers Celebration. The service began just after 2pm with schools joining in for worship hymns and prayers, as well as listening to Trust Chaplin, Reverend Trudi Oliver, and Reverend Kenneth Clark’s words of wisdom symbolising the stepping stones to their thriving future.

Each school exchanged prayers, reflected on their experiences and shared their parting messages by discussing their hopes and aspirations for their future with questions such as “what has helped you on your journey so far” and “what are you most excited about for your future journey”. 

It is a chance to look back and reflect on the journey so far, to look forward to the next stage of their life and for the school community to formally say goodbye. The service helps to enable a transition to a new stage of life in a spiritual way.

Later in the service, Steve Carey, CEO of Aletheia Academies Trust, lit a candle for each school to symbolise passing the light for each individual to take forward on their future endeavours; with the blessing and best wishes of the entire community.

“Take every opportunity. There will be really big changes in your life. Embrace them. Give them a shot and some really great things will happen.

We are really proud of your achievements, as we are of you, and we all wish you continued success and happiness in your future, as you follow your dreams and embrace your opportunities on the next stage of your journey. 

And as a parting message, Fear less – Hope more. Whine less – Breathe more. Talk less – Say more. Hate less – Love more”.

As a Trust, the majority of the schools are of Church of England origins as part of the Diocese of Rochester. As such we are proud to have the Trust Leavers Service at Rochester Cathedral. The Year 6 Celebrations Leavers Service included schools of Horton Kirby C of E Primary School, Rosherville C of E Primary Academy, Cliffe Woods Primary School, Halling Primary School, Holy Trinity C of E Primary School, Sedley’s C of E Primary School, Shorne C of E Primary School, Sutton-at-Hone C of E Primary School and Stone St Mary’s C of E Primary School.

Finally, we just want to say a huge thank you to Jane Rolfe, Headteacher of Stone St. Mary’s C of E Primary School, for organising the whole event and giving the opportunity for all Year 6’s to come together to celebrate.

“Year 6 is not the end, it is in fact a start to the rest of your life. Thank you and very best of luck to Year 7” – Steve Carey.

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